Etherbooks Badges

Badges are found dotted around our mobile app. These show how a range of different achievements and statuses across the platform for readers and writers; and they come in these flavours:

Ether Status

This gives an overall idea of how well Ether rate the product/writer. There are different versions of this badge. Here’s a key to decipher what each badge stands for.

For writers:

For stories/articles:

Reader Rated (writer-only badge)

Increasing levels of reader approval based on story ratings. This is done on a star rating system, the average number of stars across your stories decides which badge you have unlocked

Store Rank (writer-only badge)

Indicates increasing story downloads. Each badge signifies a new milestone in your number of downloads.

Social Rank

Social Rank (readers, who can also be writers) – several levels on increasing activity e.g. reviews, ratings, discussions, shares. The more you use the app the more badges you will receive.


These badges are for increasing numbers of reviews written.

Ether Staff

Only available for staff members and community members who help us with curation and community support.